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Coma Regalia - There's Still Time 12"

Coma Regalia - There's Still Time 12"

[Deal: With every purchase of Coma Regalia - There's still time 12" I will include a free Under a sky so Blue / celebration 7" split!]

There are probably no band as active in the screamo scene as Coma Regalia. Releasing split after split, track after track this american band seems relentless. Now you can get a hold of their highly esteemed full length album "There's Still Time" on 12 " vinyl. This album is pure emotion from start to finish. The balance between melody and chaos, short songs and long build ups seems to be spot on, and when you are done listening i assure you, that you want to hit that play button one more time! 

Listen here: https://daseinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/coma-regalia-theres-still-time

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