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Nevasca - Collection Dust 12"

Nevasca - Collection Dust 12"

Beautiful emo from Russia. Catchy and emotional. Just what emo needs in 2018.

Limited to 300 copies.

150 Yellow
150 Lilac

Listen here: https://daseinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/collecting-dust

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Recorded through 2016-2017:

Drums by Vladimir Lyashenko at Galernaya 20, Saint-Petersburg
Guitars by Edward Biryukov at Cerber House Studio, Murmansk
Bass by Aleksandr Demyanov at Personal Data, Murmansk
Vocals partly by Aleksandr Chezhin at Leo Sound, Murmansk &
by Aleksandr Demyanov at Zapolar Sun, Murmansk

Mixed by Steve Roche (Permanent Hearing Damage)

Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios)

Artwork by Ksenia Romanchuk

Released by:
- Lifeisafunnything / DE
- Friend Of Mine Records / JP
- Dingleberry Records / DE
- Longrail Records / IT
- Not So Happy Records / DE
- Personal Data / RU
- Chuchi Records / ES
- Hardcore For The Losers / AT
- Dasein Records / DK

Tape version by:

- Emocat Records / CA
- Damn Fine Tapes / DE
12 EUR