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Shizune - Cheat Death Live Dead 10"

Shizune - Cheat Death Live Dead 10"

Italian Screamo at it's best!

Shizune, who on their second full length album continue to channel the fast, loud, and emotive screamo and post-hardcore of relatively older bands, including fellow Italian bands like Raein and La Quiete, but also American acts like Touché Amoré and Orchid while making it their own.

On CHEAT DEATH, LIVE DEAD! Shizune blazes through one fast and intense song after the other on an album that just barely clocks in at around 13 minutes, a length that is short even by the standards on the genre. However, despite the really short album length, it will hopefully leave a lasting impression on you simply by strength of the band’s song-writing and performances

Listen here: https://shizune.bandcamp.com/album/cheat-death-live-dead

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