Dasein Records
The Dasein Records Equality Mosh Tote Bag

The Dasein Records Equality Mosh Tote Bag

Mosh pits should be for everyone. Young, old, male, female, trans whatever!

So remember the rules of fair moshing:

1) Don't ever kick. If you feel like going all code-orange macho-hardcore mosh and dislocate someone's face with your military boot, go practice on yourself.
2) If someone falls - pick them up right away!
3) Be aware of the people close to you, they might feel uncomfortable with the way you mosh. Adjust accordingly. 
4) Human pyramids are encouraged, but not a must. 

Hopefully, we can all enjoy a good mosh like the one depicted!

Designed by: Tobias Lauridsen
Printed on: Natural Cotton
Size: approx. 38 x 42 cm - fits 12" vinyls perfectly!